Moderator Training Course

This outcomes-based Moderator Training Course teaches how to prepare, conduct, report and record moderation.

During the current COVID-19 crisis we now offer the Moderator course through Distance Learning with dedicated online help.

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Centurion :

22 Apr – 23 Apr 2021 (Closed Fully Booked)

20 May – 21 May 2021

10 Jun – 11 Jun 2021

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Prerequisites : NQF Level 4 numeracy and literacy skills
US 115759   NQF Level : 6   Credits : 10
Accreditation : ETDP   SETA : ETDPS1440

Moderator Training Course

Upon completion of the Moderator Training Course, you will immediately receive a Turnstone Certificate of Attendance. Upon verified competence, you will receive a Statement of Results from ETDP SETA. This typically takes about 3 months.

Outline for the Moderator Training Course :

Lesson 1: Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system

  • Moderation Definition
  • Moderation Methods
  • Key principles of assessment
  • Moderation activities

Lesson 2: Plan and prepare for moderation

  • Planning and preparation activities
  • Scope of moderation
  • Extend of moderation
  • Moderation methods and process
  • Documents preparation
  • Physical and human resources

Lesson 3: Conduct moderation

  • Principles of good assessment
  • Moderation confirmation
  • Quality assurance body
  • Appeals against assessment
  • Moderation decision

Lesson 4: Advise and support assessors

  • Nature and Quality of advice
  • Quality of advice to promote assessment
  • Further development of assessor
  • Confidentiality requirements

Lesson 5: Report, record and administer moderation

  • Moderation findings
  • Records

Lesson 6: Review moderation system and processes

  • Strengths and weakness of moderation system
  • Recommendation
  • Review



Unit Standard Alignment:

  • US 115759, Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments, NQF 6, 10 credits


Credits obtained during this skills programme will contribute towards qualification:

  • 50334, NC: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices, NQF Level 6.
  • 50331, NC: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices, NQF Level 5.

Delivery Method :

The programme is facilitated by a competent subject matter specialist/s, who utilises the following techniques to ensure that the session is practical and experiential:

  • Discussion
  • Role play
  • Exercises and Case Studies
  • Simulation
  • Videos/DVD’s
  • Learner Assessment

Language of delivery:


Certification :

  • Upon completion, the learner will receive a Turnstone Certificate of Attendance.
  • Upon verified Competence, the learner will receive a Certificate of Competence from Turnstone and Services ETDP SETA.

Accreditation and Registration: